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NEW! Architectural Fused Glass!

Fused glass artist Tina Van Pelt is now producing Fused Glass tiles that are perfect for use as kitchen backsplashes or accents.

Additionally, a full range of drawer pulls and cabinet knobs can be custom made to match any kitchen decor or color scheme.

Tina will be happy to personally work with designers, home owners, and other renovators to custom design a look that our customer is searching for, whether it be stunning or subtle, wild or subdued, or somewhere in between.

Contact the artist for a price quote, design questions, quantity inquires, or with any other questions.

Locally recognized fused glass artist Tina Van Pelt has created a line of fused glass jewelry that appeals to many tastes. Using a variety of Italian Murano glass, American "Bullseye" glass, and beautiful iridescent dichroic glass, she has fashioned a unique offering of pendants, earrings, pins, and other glass pieces at very affordable prices. Each piece is hand made and fired to between 1350 and 1500 degrees Fahrenheit then slowly cooled to ensure durability and quality.

Since her first public showing at local festivals near her home in Maryland, the general public has been amazed and awed by her work. Her sense of color and style is unique in a world of mass produced jewelry, and everyone who has examined her wares has agreed that there is something for everyone in her products.

Now anyone can enjoy the fused glass that is being featured from Maine to Washington, DC; and recently acquired by select outlets in London England.